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Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Lady Daliah wanted to test her slave's breath retention skills so she trampled his face with her bare feet. She covered his face and his mouth and stepped on his throat. She cruelly humiliated him and made sure he was both in pain and was not breathing properly. He tried his best to retain his breath and she was surprised by how long he was able to hold his breath.

Mistress Marinka facesat on her slave to show him that she meant business. She was not joking with him and he had to know it. She was tired of telling him things because he ignored them. She had to tell him in a language he would understand better. She crushed him with her ass and nearly choked him till he pleaded for mercy and promised never to repeat his mistake.

Mistress Maeva took her slave for a walk and punished him on the way. She threw him on the ground and she got on top of him and she crushed his neck and sleeper held him. She also head locked him and he was upset with her. She stepped on his throat as punishment and cruelly forced him to change his behavior which was what had made him get punished in the first place.

Mistress Cynthia used her sneakers to strangle this employee. She did not want him thinking he could just ignore all her concerns and not perform but still expect payment. She did not write him a letter but she made it physical. She crushed his neck and she forced him to endure it even though he was nearly choking and he had panicked that he was going to die on her hands.

Mistress Lisa has a special breath control session planned for her slave. She starts by shoving her sexy bare foot down on his throat until he starts smothering then sits on his chest and starts strangling him with her hands. This isn't cruel enough for her so she pulls out a rope and wraps it around his neck. She pulls on the rope strangling him while her full weight crushes him.

Pink wanted to test her boyfriend's breath control. So she pinned him down and used her bare hands to choke him to see how long he would go without breathing

Eleonore was paid by her friend to punish her slave. She agreed and took her sweet time choking and strangling the slave using her strong arms

Janine and Elaina are breath control fans. They like to test different losers and slaves for their breath control abilities. This usually involves them choking the slaves

Michelle likes to inflict pain on guys. She had a craving for it and invited this loser to her house and trampled him, choked him and strangled him cruelly

Eleonore likes the sound of a man crying. And that is what led her to strangle and choke this loser. He cried like a bitch and she loved it!

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