Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Lady Morgana kicked this guy but she knew he did not feel much pain as her feet were soft yet he needed to be in pain from what she did and what she wanted to do to him. So the mistress turned to her plastic bag and she used it to choke him. This was after she had inserted his head into the plastic bag and she had fun teasing him.

This cute brunette Gothic girl shows that she really does have a dark side when she gets her hands on this slave. She sits on his chest with her full weight and chokes him hard with her hands. Then she stands on his throat strangling him with her boots. She gets even more intense when she wraps a rope around his neck and chokes him to dominate his breathing.

Mistress Lisa has a special breath control session planned for her slave. She starts by shoving her sexy bare foot down on his throat until he starts smothering then sits on his chest and starts strangling him with her hands. This isn't cruel enough for her so she pulls out a rope and wraps it around his neck. She pulls on the rope strangling him while her full weight crushes him.

Mistress Lisa takes her strangling fetish to a new level. She dominates this slave and pins him to the floor by sitting on his chest with her full weight. She takes a rope and wraps it around his neck. She verbally humiliates him and starts pulling on the rope. He starts to choke and she starts pulling harder on the rope. She's not happy until her slave's face turns blue.

Layla and Jane are always together. They just got a new slave and decide they want to play with him. They decide to play together. These babes are happy to trample his stomach and chest. They flog him lightly. These babes are very happy to tie a rope around his neck and take turns choking him. Layla and Jane enjoy new slave and the time they spent playing with each other.

When Mistress Katja decides she wants to play, she buys a rope. She calls her slave to her and orders him to the floor. He sees the rope and struggles. She uses her hands to choke him into submission. As soon as he is subdued, she wraps the rope around his neck, pulling tight. She watches his face turn red and is pleased. She enjoys putting him on the floor and stepping on his neck with her heels and rope.

Vanessa loves to get her slave on the floor. When she has her slave on the floor, she grabs some rope and wraps it around his neck. She sits on him and starts to strangle him. She loves watching him struggle but there is nothing that he can do to stop her. She knows that he is scared, she sees it in his eyes. That is why she does it.

When Adriana gets angry with her slave, she brings him back home. She knows that he is scared and he has a reason to be. When she get him home, she binds his hands and she pushes him onto the couch. She starts to yell at him. As she is yelling, she chokes him with her hands. She puts her high heel clad shoe in his neck. As she is calming down, she sits on the back of the sofa and presses her bare foot into his neck, choking him.

Inessa has heard enough! This dirty bastard wanted to use her to satisfy his perverted fantasies! But Inessa turned the tables and now she shows him what she does with naughty boys who think only bad thoughts. She puts her hot ass at his stomach, spreads her legs and grabs his neck. It looks like she wants to tell him "Is this pussy everything you want? You won't get it!". She also uses a rope to strangle him. Now he cannot breath anymore... what a pity!

Sexy Senna knows how to dominate a slave! And she also knows which kind of tools she can use to better handle the situation. This time she has taken a rope and strangled the slave with it. She puts one of her feet on his face. The slave doesn't seem to like it. But she only need to grab the rope a little bit harder and the helpless guy cannot breath anymore. She smothers him whenever she likes it...!

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