Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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This slave loves it when mistress Katja uses her powerful body to sit on and crush him. But today she's got something else in mind. She demands that he lay down on her chair and then she sits on the back of it and rubs her dirty and yet sexy feet into his face. Then when she feels like he's had enough she crushes his throat with her powerful legs.

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills. She was working out while at the same time strangling and choking her slave with the fitness table

When Mistress Katja decides she is going to choke her slave, she does it in a calm fashion. She puts her slave on a ottoman and sits on his chest. She uses her hand to wrap around his neck and squeeze. When she gets tired of that, she sits her full weight on his chest and neck, forcing him to smell her pussy. She enjoys knowing that he is struggling to breathe and the air he manages to inhale is full of her pussy.

When Mistress Katja decides she wants to play, she buys a rope. She calls her slave to her and orders him to the floor. He sees the rope and struggles. She uses her hands to choke him into submission. As soon as he is subdued, she wraps the rope around his neck, pulling tight. She watches his face turn red and is pleased. She enjoys putting him on the floor and stepping on his neck with her heels and rope.

At first this guy thought he was a lucky guy! He was able to catch the attention of those two hot and sexy girls. But later he had to realize that these girls are cruel devils! They took a rope and smothered him with their hands too. They strangled him so much that he thought this is the end - maybe he was right...? Come and find it out for yourself...!

This girl is really cruel! She is tired to strangle him only - so she decided to punish him another way. With her full weight she sits down on a exercise bench. The big problem: She puts the exercise bench on his throat before! Now she has full control to increase his pain. Depending on her position on the bench the weight on his throat is also increased or decreased. While he suffers on the ground she has a lot of fun making him suffer!

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