Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Lady Morgana kicked this guy but she knew he did not feel much pain as her feet were soft yet he needed to be in pain from what she did and what she wanted to do to him. So the mistress turned to her plastic bag and she used it to choke him. This was after she had inserted his head into the plastic bag and she had fun teasing him.

Mistress Natalya wanted this guy to learn to be hardworking. She did not want to have a lazy slave in her house so she crushed his throat to choke and strangle him. She was serious about humiliating and strangling him that he panicked and knew he had to change for him not to be strangled. He promised her that he would change if he gave her another chance. She did.

Madame Marissa used her hands to crush her slave's throat and insert pressure on it. She also used her boots by trampling his throat as well as using a string which she tied to his neck and pulled. She was strangling him to punish him for how he did not follow her instructions. She degraded and tortured him that by the time she was done with him, she knew he would not do it again.

Mariola is a sultry blonde vixen who likes to play cruel games with her slaves. This game is called the breathing game in which she determines when he takes a breath. She doesn't give him much room to breathe at all between sitting on his neck, holding her hand over his mouth and nose and shoving her knee into his throat. This cruel blonde smothers him until he almost passes out.

Janine and Elaina discovered strangling fetish and they were dying to try it. They got a slave and tried it on him and it awesome!

Lisa looks like a sweet girl, but she is far from sweet. She is cruel and loves to brutalize men. She sits on top of this slave in her jeans and starts choking him. He starts to smother and she chokes him with her bare feet and starts rubbing them in his face. She makes him worship her feet and chokes him hard and he just lies there and takes it.

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills. She was working out while at the same time strangling and choking her slave with the fitness table

This female slave is never safe. She is always being choked by her mistress. Her mistress enjoys wrapping her hands around her neck and squeezing. As soon as she starts to loose consciousness, she is released. Her mistress enjoys strangling her during random times of the day. If she is being punished, her mistress will choke her until she passes out. She doesn't like it but she doesn't have a choice either.

Jennifer showed mercy last time but now she decided to finish the job! Steve has to leave her - forever! At first she starts slowly with some easy grabs - but only some moments later Steve already seems to fight for his life! And of course this is a suitable reaction because Jennifer seems to take it away from him... The only chance he has is to save his breath...

Ariel is a very sadistic woman. She seems to be from another word, dark and cruel. And she has a body with lot of power. She has muscular arms and legs and also knows what to do with them! Steve has to take different techniques and it seems that there is no way to survive this session. She applies a sadistic breathtaking reverse headfigure and lot of other things... Poor guy!

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