Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Lady Morgana kicked this guy but she knew he did not feel much pain as her feet were soft yet he needed to be in pain from what she did and what she wanted to do to him. So the mistress turned to her plastic bag and she used it to choke him. This was after she had inserted his head into the plastic bag and she had fun teasing him.

Michelle was mad at her slave and she wanted to teach him a lesson. She taught him in style by choking him and making him beg for forgiveness

This dangerous blonde mistress gives a lesson in choking out a slave. She puts on a mean sleeper hold and shows how to put a slave's lights out with the right amount of pressure. She puts on a double arm choke to show how to really inflict some punishment. This type of domination is what she does best. One of her most dangerous moves is the reverse headlock that she punishes this slave with.

Mistress Kitty lied to her slave that they were going for a picnic in the woods but she ended up choking him with her feet. It was his good breath control that saved him

When Mistress Katja decides she is going to choke her slave, she does it in a calm fashion. She puts her slave on a ottoman and sits on his chest. She uses her hand to wrap around his neck and squeeze. When she gets tired of that, she sits her full weight on his chest and neck, forcing him to smell her pussy. She enjoys knowing that he is struggling to breathe and the air he manages to inhale is full of her pussy.

Her new slave is one that doesn't think she is can handle his brute strength. She catches her slave by surprise when he is bragging about his ability to take her down if he wanted. She called him into the living room after she put down the wrestling mat. After wrestling him and pinning him, she puts him in choke holds. She was happy to put him to sleep as punishment for his disrespect.

When Nikki Fierce is called in, the slave that she is going to punish suffers before she puts them to sleep. She is called for an unruly slave and she puts him on the wrestling mat. She is happy to start with a lose choke hold. She gets rougher and rougher with her choke hold as she tells him what his place is. By the time he is ready to obey her, she puts him to sleep and leaves him unconscious.

The female cadet has to bring Sergeant Emily the new report. But it took way too long! There is only one thing she can do now: Punish her to teach her a lesson and to prevent her from doing something ever again! With her hot ass and pussy she sits down on the cadet's face. The female cadet can barely breath but instead of standing up she also grabs her throat and further reduces the air in her lungs...

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