Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Punish"

Her new slave is one that doesn't think she is can handle his brute strength. She catches her slave by surprise when he is bragging about his ability to take her down if he wanted. She called him into the living room after she put down the wrestling mat. After wrestling him and pinning him, she puts him in choke holds. She was happy to put him to sleep as punishment for his disrespect.

When Nikki Fierce is called in, the slave that she is going to punish suffers before she puts them to sleep. She is called for an unruly slave and she puts him on the wrestling mat. She is happy to start with a lose choke hold. She gets rougher and rougher with her choke hold as she tells him what his place is. By the time he is ready to obey her, she puts him to sleep and leaves him unconscious.

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