Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Mistress Saya likes to strangle. She can do it anytime and she enjoys doing it when she is sure it will have an impact. She hates wasting her time and that is what she was avoiding. She tied a rope on his neck and she pulled it hard before she facesat on him and went on with her punishment which was cruel and brutal.

Mistress Lisa takes her strangling fetish to a new level. She dominates this slave and pins him to the floor by sitting on his chest with her full weight. She takes a rope and wraps it around his neck. She verbally humiliates him and starts pulling on the rope. He starts to choke and she starts pulling harder on the rope. She's not happy until her slave's face turns blue.

If you were ever wondering the best way to choke a slave, this blonde will show you all you need to know. She gladly punishes this slave for the sake of educating her audience. She gets him in a reverse head lock and looks like she's going to pull his head off. She also gets him in a dangerous sleeper hold and squeezes until his face turns blue and he starts smothering.

Daidra likes to inflict pain on others and watch them beg for mercy. She took one of her employees and made him lie down before strangling him with her bare feet

When Jennifer bound her slave, she did it so she could enjoy her time putting him into different choke holds. She put him on the wrestling mat and started using different choke holds on him. She was able to watch him turn red and struggle without his hands interfering. Jennifer enjoys putting him in her final choke hold because she is going to put him to sleep and laugh at him when he wakes up.

Santana knows just what to do when her slave can't go to sleep. She knows that he needs her to come behind him and tell him a story. She needs to put him into different sleeper holds until he is exhausted. There are days that he needs her to put him completely to sleep so she holds him just right and continues to hold him until he goes to sleep.

Her new slave is one that doesn't think she is can handle his brute strength. She catches her slave by surprise when he is bragging about his ability to take her down if he wanted. She called him into the living room after she put down the wrestling mat. After wrestling him and pinning him, she puts him in choke holds. She was happy to put him to sleep as punishment for his disrespect.

When Jennifer gets bored, she loves to pick on her slave Steve. She loves to put him on the mat and wrestle with him. When she gets tired of wrestling with him, she puts him in different choke holds. She sits on his face with her ass and cuts his breath off. She even uses her legs to choke him. When she is done, she checks his battered and bruised face.

When Lady Katherin is brought a new slave to train, she is fresh from a different business meeting. She is happy to meet him and immediately put him on the floor. She starts to choke him with her hands. She then uses her legs and feet to do it. The entire time she is choking him, she tells him what his position is and what she will have from him.

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