Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Eleonore likes the sound of a man crying. And that is what led her to strangle and choke this loser. He cried like a bitch and she loved it!

Maria is a beautiful but brutal mistress who pulls all the moves out of her arsenal to inflict pain on this loser slave on the wrestling mat. She gets him in five different sleeper holds. His face turns red and his eyes pop out. It looks like he's going to pass out, but she just squeezes harder. She chokes and dominates him to the brink of knocking him out.

This dangerous blonde mistress gives a lesson in choking out a slave. She puts on a mean sleeper hold and shows how to put a slave's lights out with the right amount of pressure. She puts on a double arm choke to show how to really inflict some punishment. This type of domination is what she does best. One of her most dangerous moves is the reverse headlock that she punishes this slave with.

Santana knows just what to do when her slave can't go to sleep. She knows that he needs her to come behind him and tell him a story. She needs to put him into different sleeper holds until he is exhausted. There are days that he needs her to put him completely to sleep so she holds him just right and continues to hold him until he goes to sleep.

When Jennifer gets bored, she loves to pick on her slave Steve. She loves to put him on the mat and wrestle with him. When she gets tired of wrestling with him, she puts him in different choke holds. She sits on his face with her ass and cuts his breath off. She even uses her legs to choke him. When she is done, she checks his battered and bruised face.

When it's time to play, she calls her slave to her. She enjoys wrestling with him. As soon as she is finished wrestling with him, she starts practicing her choke holds. She loves watching him struggle to break her hold. She wants to put him to sleep and she does different holds on him until she finally succeeds. She enjoys watching him turn pink then fall asleep from the strength of her arms.

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