Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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This slave loves it when mistress Katja uses her powerful body to sit on and crush him. But today she's got something else in mind. She demands that he lay down on her chair and then she sits on the back of it and rubs her dirty and yet sexy feet into his face. Then when she feels like he's had enough she crushes his throat with her powerful legs.

When Amber Deluca decides to play, she does it in comfort. She puts on a bikini and calls her slave to her bear skinned rug. She gets behind her slave and wraps her long muscled legs around him. She starts to choke him with her legs and and arms around his neck. She loves watching him turn red and struggle to move her. She doesn't allow him to move her and puts him to sleep.

When Mistress Katja decides she is going to choke her slave, she does it in a calm fashion. She puts her slave on a ottoman and sits on his chest. She uses her hand to wrap around his neck and squeeze. When she gets tired of that, she sits her full weight on his chest and neck, forcing him to smell her pussy. She enjoys knowing that he is struggling to breathe and the air he manages to inhale is full of her pussy.

The guy doesn't know what happened! Few minutes ago he talked very nicely with this hot girl and now she sits atop of him - but not the way he hoped! She uses her whole body to prevent him from breathing! She uses her legs to strangle him. She uses her hands to choke him. She looks gorgeous! It is a real privilege to be smothered by Jenny! But the problem is, that he has no more time to live to enjoy this event...

Sexy Senna knows how to dominate a slave! And she also knows which kind of tools she can use to better handle the situation. This time she has taken a rope and strangled the slave with it. She puts one of her feet on his face. The slave doesn't seem to like it. But she only need to grab the rope a little bit harder and the helpless guy cannot breath anymore. She smothers him whenever she likes it...!

Goldie is a cute girl with two pigtails. She looks kind of nice and harmless. And with her two big tits she also looks very awesome and beautiful! But she is also very powerful! She is an experienced wrestler and soon Steve has to realize that he has chosen a too mighty enemy! She grabs his neck and smothers him. It seems that she wants to strangle him until he cannot breath anymore...!

Goddess Mercedes is a mighty wrestling girl! She know a lot of different chokes and exactly knows how to apply them to do the biggest damage! At the first Steve still seems to resist her but this doesn't stay long. At the end Goddess Mercedes smothers him with her legs and he cannot breath anymore! She is such a brat girl! Steve tries to escape but he has no chance...!

Goldie seems to be a sweet and cute girl. She seems to be harmless and friendly. And Steve thought that he has a chance this time... But he was wrong! Soon after the fight starts Goldie turned into a real witch! It seems that she really loves it to smother him! She applied a rear naked chokehold and Steve had no chance to escape anymore. His face turns red and it seems that he cannot breath anymore but Goldie doesn't take care of it...

Do you love my sexy throat? I'm sure you do! Here you can watch me stroking my wonderful throat with my hands. I'm wearing black leather gloves while doing so. Do you also want to touch my throat? Do you like to control my breath with your hands...? Or do you prefer to let ME strangle you instead...!? I'm sure that it is the one or the other thing you want...!

Gia Primo looks really hot. But don't be fooled! Her deep blue eyes may look friendly to you but she is a really cruel lady! She exactly knows how to apply a choke and stop you from breathing! She can send you far a nap in an instant! You better try to prevent her from making her angry! You don't believe it...? Then come and see yourself what a cruel beauty she is...!

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