Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Mighty"

Gia Primo is so powerful that it seems she has no struggle to control Steve the way she likes it! It even looks more that she plays with him! Steve uses his full power and tries to loosen her grabs but it seems to be impossible - she is too mighty! At the end Steve remains on the mat and Gia applies a lot of different chokes at him. She uses a sleeper hold, a head lock, some arm and wrist chokes! Poor Steve!

Goldie is a cute girl with two pigtails. She looks kind of nice and harmless. And with her two big tits she also looks very awesome and beautiful! But she is also very powerful! She is an experienced wrestler and soon Steve has to realize that he has chosen a too mighty enemy! She grabs his neck and smothers him. It seems that she wants to strangle him until he cannot breath anymore...!

This girl is a very dominant one! She doesn't like men - they are all useless! And they only think with their dick! So she has to do something against this problem... A good way to start with is to eliminate as much of them as possible! And this useless piece of shit has to be the first one! She uses her arms and legs to bring him down on the ground. And then she starts to strangle him... Does he has a chance...?

Nikki Fierce is really upset! How can this loser believe that he is able to defeat her in a battle? There is no way he can do such an impossible task! So she decided to show him that she has more power than he can ever believe. She brings him down on the ground and uses her arms to choke him. Like a fury she increases her power so there is no escape for the poor guy...

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