Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Power"

When Tomiko puts on her tiny black bikini, her slave knows to get on the wrestling mat. She puts him into different choke holds and tells him how pathetic he is. She flips him into different positions and enjoys watching him turn red from her sleeper holds. As soon as she hears his labored breathing, she begins to ease her grip. Practicing her sleeper holds are what makes her day entertaining.

When Kortney started wrestling, she didn't think she would like it. She thought that she would not master it but she did. Now she loves to put her slave in a choke hold. She knows that her slave will not be able to break her hold and when she puts him in the hold, she loves to watch his face turn colors. There is nothing more satisfying to her than that.

Jennifer is a sexy girl with a lot of power in her arms! She has trained a lot and now has very muscular arms and legs. But this isn't the only problem for Steve: She also is a little bit crazy! She doesn't take care of his health and treats him the way she likes it. He seems to cry for some help but there is no one who can help him... And no more breath in his lungs too...!

Nikki Fierce is really upset! How can this loser believe that he is able to defeat her in a battle? There is no way he can do such an impossible task! So she decided to show him that she has more power than he can ever believe. She brings him down on the ground and uses her arms to choke him. Like a fury she increases her power so there is no escape for the poor guy...

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