Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Jennifer showed mercy last time but now she decided to finish the job! Steve has to leave her - forever! At first she starts slowly with some easy grabs - but only some moments later Steve already seems to fight for his life! And of course this is a suitable reaction because Jennifer seems to take it away from him... The only chance he has is to save his breath...

Jennifer visited Steve. He has met her in the supermarket some days ago. She seemed to be a very nice girl. But now she seems a little bit different... she isn't cute anymore! She has only one thing in her mind: show him how powerful she is and choke him! Everything went so fast that Steve had no chance to resist! She uses some nasty holds and strangles him with her arms! She turns red very soon - is there a chance that he will survive...?

Jennifer is a dangerous and mighty girl. She has done a lot of training to improve her strength. And looking at her muscular body, her mighty arms and her powerful legs, you have to admit that her training was successful! But her poor victim is the best to ask - if he ever can answer the question... She uses her thighs and legs to torture him as much as possible...!

Jennifer is a sexy girl with a lot of power in her arms! She has trained a lot and now has very muscular arms and legs. But this isn't the only problem for Steve: She also is a little bit crazy! She doesn't take care of his health and treats him the way she likes it. He seems to cry for some help but there is no one who can help him... And no more breath in his lungs too...!

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