Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Powerful Legs"

These two beauties have killer sexy feet and they know it. They decide to show this stupid guy who's boss. First they show that they are dominant by ordering him to lay down on the ground. Then they take off their shoes and rub their feet in his face to punish him. After that they step on his neck and trample him as a form of slave training, their powerful legs crushing him.

When Amber Deluca decides to play, she does it in comfort. She puts on a bikini and calls her slave to her bear skinned rug. She gets behind her slave and wraps her long muscled legs around him. She starts to choke him with her legs and and arms around his neck. She loves watching him turn red and struggle to move her. She doesn't allow him to move her and puts him to sleep.

Jennifer is a dangerous and mighty girl. She has done a lot of training to improve her strength. And looking at her muscular body, her mighty arms and her powerful legs, you have to admit that her training was successful! But her poor victim is the best to ask - if he ever can answer the question... She uses her thighs and legs to torture him as much as possible...!

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