Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Trample"

These two beauties have killer sexy feet and they know it. They decide to show this stupid guy who's boss. First they show that they are dominant by ordering him to lay down on the ground. Then they take off their shoes and rub their feet in his face to punish him. After that they step on his neck and trample him as a form of slave training, their powerful legs crushing him.

When Mistress Maeva finally has an off day from work, she enjoys it. she calls her slave to her and starts to choke him. She puts him on the couch and locks his head between her legs. She is happy to order him to the floor, putting her foot on his neck. Mistress Maeva enjoys putting him into different positions so that she can squeeze the air from his body.

When Lady Saskia gets tired of repeating herself, she is able to put her slave in a more obedient mood. She is happy to put him on the floor and sit on him. She starts to strangle him with her hands but it wasn't good enough. She used her leg to choke him but that wasn't enough. She stood and put her foot into his neck. She is happy to watch him choke and strangle under her weight.

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