Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Trampling"

These two beauties have killer sexy feet and they know it. They decide to show this stupid guy who's boss. First they show that they are dominant by ordering him to lay down on the ground. Then they take off their shoes and rub their feet in his face to punish him. After that they step on his neck and trample him as a form of slave training, their powerful legs crushing him.

When Mistress Lea decides to decorate, she calls her slave to her. She puts him on the floor in the area she will be working and she steps all over him as she decorates her tree. She steps on his neck, choking him. She steps on his cock, hurting him. She doesn't care that she is stepping on his chest and stomach. She has to step on him and choke him to be comfortable.

This slave is a big loser! He always asked me to worship my sexy feet. But I have something else to do than waste my time with someone like this! But today I thought about taking an advantage of his fetish. I took him out in the woods and he had to lay down on the ground. I let him taste my foot - while standing on his throat with my other foot! It's really funny to strangle useless slaves! :D

Mistress Maeva want to go out and have some fun in the park. She orders her slave to follow her. The slave has no other chance - he doesn't like to upset her! But it seems that whatever he does still makes her angry! So she is forced to teach him a lesson. He has to lay down on the dirty ground so she can trample on his chest. After some minutes she puts her feet on his throat and prevents him from breathing!

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