Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Cleo Lady Latexxa is a truly beautiful and supple young mistress who dominates her slave by choking and strangling him. This is not your normal strangling. She doesn't bother to use her hands to strangle this loser. She uses her bare feet and only uses her hand to hold his head while she forces her foot down harder on his throat. He fights for breath and she just keeps pushing.

Diana is sitting there looking very sweet and sexy with her blonde hair and short shorts, but she is anything but sweet to this slave. She puts her bare feet in his face then quickly gets excited, sits down on his chest and starts strangling him with her hands. She gets creative with her torture and starts shoving her bare feet in his face and strangling him with her feet.

Aileen Taylor is a sultry blonde porn star who likes to use her sexy ass and feet to dominate her slaves. She sits on this guy's stomach with all her weight and shoves her bare feet in his face making him lick them and starts pushing her feet down to smother him. Then she moves her ass up to his face and starts facesitting on him and smothering him some more.

Lisa looks like a sweet girl, but she is far from sweet. She is cruel and loves to brutalize men. She sits on top of this slave in her jeans and starts choking him. He starts to smother and she chokes him with her bare feet and starts rubbing them in his face. She makes him worship her feet and chokes him hard and he just lies there and takes it.

When Mistress Lea decides to decorate, she calls her slave to her. She puts him on the floor in the area she will be working and she steps all over him as she decorates her tree. She steps on his neck, choking him. She steps on his cock, hurting him. She doesn't care that she is stepping on his chest and stomach. She has to step on him and choke him to be comfortable.

When Adriana gets angry with her slave, she brings him back home. She knows that he is scared and he has a reason to be. When she get him home, she binds his hands and she pushes him onto the couch. She starts to yell at him. As she is yelling, she chokes him with her hands. She puts her high heel clad shoe in his neck. As she is calming down, she sits on the back of the sofa and presses her bare foot into his neck, choking him.

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