Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Strength"

Mistress Katja is a dominant woman who loves crushing, choking and smashing little punks like this guy under her full weight. With her muscular arms she is ready to dominate this guy until he just can't take any more. Then she knows that she's more powerful than him, so she puts him into a choke hold with her sadistic strength. What a punishing mistress she is! This guy is toast!

When it's time to play, she calls her slave to her. She enjoys wrestling with him. As soon as she is finished wrestling with him, she starts practicing her choke holds. She loves watching him struggle to break her hold. She wants to put him to sleep and she does different holds on him until she finally succeeds. She enjoys watching him turn pink then fall asleep from the strength of her arms.

Jennifer is a dangerous and mighty girl. She has done a lot of training to improve her strength. And looking at her muscular body, her mighty arms and her powerful legs, you have to admit that her training was successful! But her poor victim is the best to ask - if he ever can answer the question... She uses her thighs and legs to torture him as much as possible...!

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