Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Merciless"

Mistress Saya likes to strangle. She can do it anytime and she enjoys doing it when she is sure it will have an impact. She hates wasting her time and that is what she was avoiding. She tied a rope on his neck and she pulled it hard before she facesat on him and went on with her punishment which was cruel and brutal.

Annabell pressed her knee against the slave's throat and made him choke. She made him cry and beg her for mercy as she strangled him and humiliated him.

Mariol wanted to toughen up her bofyriend. She used her feet to choke him. She strangled him severally and did it till he got used to it

When Jennifer decides to exercise, she is happy to use her slave at the end. She calls him to the mat and decides that she will bind his hands and use him for choking practice. She gets behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold. She enjoys listening to him struggle to breathe. As he turns pink, she puts more pressure on his neck to make him pass out.

When it's time to work out, she calls her slave to the mat. She knows they will work out until she puts him to sleep. She is happy to wrestle him into different positions. She pins him in different positions, pinning him and smothering him. When she is tired of playing and exercising, she is happy to put him in a sleeper hold with her legs. She leaves him unconscious on the floor when she is done.

Liz played a little bit with Steve but now it has to come to an end! She has no other choice than to send him to a nighty night! She puts his head between her thighs like a scissor. She is merciless and he has no chance to breathe! But she seems to give him one more last moment and changes position. Now she also uses her hands to strangle him. Is this the last thing he will ever see before the darkness comes...?

The poor guy has no chance! Breanna wants to take care of him. She doesn't like him much, so she takes a cable, applies it at his neck and starts to strangle him! The loser has no chance! He tries to talk with her - this seems to be his last chance! He asks Beranna why she smothers him - and she answers only that she loves it! He cannot believe it! His life will end only because of a bored goddess! He asks a last time for mercy... but Breanna is a merciless goddess so this will be the last thing he realizes before losing consciousness...!

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