Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Liz played a little bit with Steve but now it has to come to an end! She has no other choice than to send him to a nighty night! She puts his head between her thighs like a scissor. She is merciless and he has no chance to breathe! But she seems to give him one more last moment and changes position. Now she also uses her hands to strangle him. Is this the last thing he will ever see before the darkness comes...?

Liz is a really creative fighter! She always imagines new techniques to choke his opponent! Steve cannot believe such creativeness so he also has no chance to react soon enough. She stays behind him and applies her arms to grab his neck. You can see a lot of pain in Steve's face when Liz pushes him even further. Then she uses her other arm to hold him. She tortures him with four different arm chokes this time!

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