Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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When Dixie Comets decides to work out, she uses her legs to the fullest. She calls her slave to her and puts him on the floor. She puts him in a choke hold with her legs. She doesn't care that her ass is in his face. She only wants to use her legs to put him to sleep. She loves feeling him struggle to break her hold and knows when he is finally unconscious.

When Jennifer decides to exercise, she is happy to use her slave at the end. She calls him to the mat and decides that she will bind his hands and use him for choking practice. She gets behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold. She enjoys listening to him struggle to breathe. As he turns pink, she puts more pressure on his neck to make him pass out.

When Tomiko puts on her tiny black bikini, her slave knows to get on the wrestling mat. She puts him into different choke holds and tells him how pathetic he is. She flips him into different positions and enjoys watching him turn red from her sleeper holds. As soon as she hears his labored breathing, she begins to ease her grip. Practicing her sleeper holds are what makes her day entertaining.

Steve thought his new mistress was a weak woman. He thought he would be able to turn the tables against her when he got her on the wrestling mat. She took him down and was happy to put him in a choke hold. She watched as his face turned colors and listed to him wheeze, struggling to breathe. There are some things that Steve won't be able to do and break her choke hold is one of them.

When Jennifer decides to wrestle, she does it with classic wrestling moves. She is happy to wrap her legs around her slave's waist. She grabs his neck with her arms and starts to slowly squeeze. She knows that he will start to lose his breath and she can start to put him to sleep. When he starts to turn red, she tightens her hold. She loves hearing him wheeze for air.

When it's time to work out, she calls her slave to the mat. She knows they will work out until she puts him to sleep. She is happy to wrestle him into different positions. She pins him in different positions, pinning him and smothering him. When she is tired of playing and exercising, she is happy to put him in a sleeper hold with her legs. She leaves him unconscious on the floor when she is done.

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