Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

All articles tagged with "Smothering"

Goddess Mercedes is a mighty wrestling girl! She know a lot of different chokes and exactly knows how to apply them to do the biggest damage! At the first Steve still seems to resist her but this doesn't stay long. At the end Goddess Mercedes smothers him with her legs and he cannot breath anymore! She is such a brat girl! Steve tries to escape but he has no chance...!

At first this guy thought he was a lucky guy! He was able to catch the attention of those two hot and sexy girls. But later he had to realize that these girls are cruel devils! They took a rope and smothered him with their hands too. They strangled him so much that he thought this is the end - maybe he was right...? Come and find it out for yourself...!

Lady Svenja played too much with this slave. She doesn't like him anymore! So she just decided to bring it to an end... The slave has lay down on the ground and she sits down on his chest. With her hands she starts smothering him so he cannot breath anymore. But she doesn't want to finish him this easy. She changes position from time to time and plays a little bit with his life...

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