Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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When it's time to work out, she calls her slave to the mat. She knows they will work out until she puts him to sleep. She is happy to wrestle him into different positions. She pins him in different positions, pinning him and smothering him. When she is tired of playing and exercising, she is happy to put him in a sleeper hold with her legs. She leaves him unconscious on the floor when she is done.

When this beautiful mistress knows that she has a new shipment of slaves coming, she starts to practice her sleeper hold. She calls her newest slave to her. She makes him sit on the couch while she gets behind him. She starts to practice the different ways she can put slaves to sleep. She starts with a simple strangle and then moves to smothering. When it's time for her to choke him, she is ready to use all her strength.

Inessa has heard enough! This dirty bastard wanted to use her to satisfy his perverted fantasies! But Inessa turned the tables and now she shows him what she does with naughty boys who think only bad thoughts. She puts her hot ass at his stomach, spreads her legs and grabs his neck. It looks like she wants to tell him "Is this pussy everything you want? You won't get it!". She also uses a rope to strangle him. Now he cannot breath anymore... what a pity!

Liz is a really creative fighter! She always imagines new techniques to choke his opponent! Steve cannot believe such creativeness so he also has no chance to react soon enough. She stays behind him and applies her arms to grab his neck. You can see a lot of pain in Steve's face when Liz pushes him even further. Then she uses her other arm to hold him. She tortures him with four different arm chokes this time!

The guy doesn't know what happened! Few minutes ago he talked very nicely with this hot girl and now she sits atop of him - but not the way he hoped! She uses her whole body to prevent him from breathing! She uses her legs to strangle him. She uses her hands to choke him. She looks gorgeous! It is a real privilege to be smothered by Jenny! But the problem is, that he has no more time to live to enjoy this event...

Jennifer visited Steve. He has met her in the supermarket some days ago. She seemed to be a very nice girl. But now she seems a little bit different... she isn't cute anymore! She has only one thing in her mind: show him how powerful she is and choke him! Everything went so fast that Steve had no chance to resist! She uses some nasty holds and strangles him with her arms! She turns red very soon - is there a chance that he will survive...?

The poor guy has no chance! Breanna wants to take care of him. She doesn't like him much, so she takes a cable, applies it at his neck and starts to strangle him! The loser has no chance! He tries to talk with her - this seems to be his last chance! He asks Beranna why she smothers him - and she answers only that she loves it! He cannot believe it! His life will end only because of a bored goddess! He asks a last time for mercy... but Breanna is a merciless goddess so this will be the last thing he realizes before losing consciousness...!

Ariel has only one thing she wants to do: Beat the helpless guy! Steve tries to resist her but the hot amazon is too powerful! She uses every part of her body to smother him! She puts his head between her arms and her tits, she uses her arms at her back, she also uses her legs and foot to smother him! She is really a very skilled fighter! She chokes him with so much different techniques that Steve has no chance to turn the tables ever again...!

Sexy Senna knows how to dominate a slave! And she also knows which kind of tools she can use to better handle the situation. This time she has taken a rope and strangled the slave with it. She puts one of her feet on his face. The slave doesn't seem to like it. But she only need to grab the rope a little bit harder and the helpless guy cannot breath anymore. She smothers him whenever she likes it...!

Goldie is a cute girl with two pigtails. She looks kind of nice and harmless. And with her two big tits she also looks very awesome and beautiful! But she is also very powerful! She is an experienced wrestler and soon Steve has to realize that he has chosen a too mighty enemy! She grabs his neck and smothers him. It seems that she wants to strangle him until he cannot breath anymore...!

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