Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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This blonde babe is great at domination, so when she finds that her new boyfriend is cheating on her she turns him into her slave. She crushes his chest with her full weight, kneeling and sitting down on his stomach. Then when she gets bored of that she still doesn't let him go. She uses her powerful legs to strangle him, rubbing her sexy feet into his neck and using breath control.

These two beauties have killer sexy feet and they know it. They decide to show this stupid guy who's boss. First they show that they are dominant by ordering him to lay down on the ground. Then they take off their shoes and rub their feet in his face to punish him. After that they step on his neck and trample him as a form of slave training, their powerful legs crushing him.

Mistress Katja is a dominant woman who loves crushing, choking and smashing little punks like this guy under her full weight. With her muscular arms she is ready to dominate this guy until he just can't take any more. Then she knows that she's more powerful than him, so she puts him into a choke hold with her sadistic strength. What a punishing mistress she is! This guy is toast!

When Dixie Comets decides to work out, she uses her legs to the fullest. She calls her slave to her and puts him on the floor. She puts him in a choke hold with her legs. She doesn't care that her ass is in his face. She only wants to use her legs to put him to sleep. She loves feeling him struggle to break her hold and knows when he is finally unconscious.

When Jennifer gets bored, she loves to pick on her slave Steve. She loves to put him on the mat and wrestle with him. When she gets tired of wrestling with him, she puts him in different choke holds. She sits on his face with her ass and cuts his breath off. She even uses her legs to choke him. When she is done, she checks his battered and bruised face.

There are some things that mean a lot to Jennifer and wrestling is one of them. She has to do it. She finds the biggest man she can and she takes him to her mat. They wrestle for a while before she tapes his hands together. She then puts him in a choke hold. She was happy to put his neck between her legs and tighten her thighs. She slowly starts to strangle him.

When she works out, it's only to get stronger so she can start to choke her slave and put him to sleep. After a session at the gym, she calls her slave to her. She puts him in different choke holds, allowing him to catch his breath between poses. She knows that he is struggling to stay awake but she is stronger. She chokes him until he starts to pass out.

When Ariel X decides to wrestle, she does it because she wants to be turned on. She puts on her leather costumes and she is happy to call her slave to the mat. She starts with different arm choke holds. She loves hearing him gasp for breath. When she is ready to end it, she puts her slave between her legs in different positions. She puts her slave to sleep by putting her ass in his face during a sleeper hold.

When she gets her slave, she knows that she has to train him. She is happy to pull him over to her mat. As she wraps her legs around him and starts to put him into different choke holds, she gives him her rules. When he is ready to move on from that hold, he has to agree. When she is finished with her rules, she is happy to put him into the ultimate choke hold and put him to sleep.

When Lady Katherin is brought a new slave to train, she is fresh from a different business meeting. She is happy to meet him and immediately put him on the floor. She starts to choke him with her hands. She then uses her legs and feet to do it. The entire time she is choking him, she tells him what his position is and what she will have from him.

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