Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

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Steve knows that she loves to choke him but he doesn't realize why. She knows that he is confused and she tells him that she loves to choke him because it's comforting to her. She loves putting him to sleep because she loves to watch him sleep. So she puts him in choke holds as often as she can without hurting him. When she gets in position, it's almost as good as cumming to her.

Steve thought his new mistress was a weak woman. He thought he would be able to turn the tables against her when he got her on the wrestling mat. She took him down and was happy to put him in a choke hold. She watched as his face turned colors and listed to him wheeze, struggling to breathe. There are some things that Steve won't be able to do and break her choke hold is one of them.

When she works out each day, she calls her slave to her on the wrestling mat. She knows that he is strong but she takes pleasure in beating him. When she is ready to end the match, she simply puts him in a series of sleeper holds. She knows that it's something he can't break and she gets to watch him turn red and purple as she cuts his air supply off.

Santana knows just what to do when her slave can't go to sleep. She knows that he needs her to come behind him and tell him a story. She needs to put him into different sleeper holds until he is exhausted. There are days that he needs her to put him completely to sleep so she holds him just right and continues to hold him until he goes to sleep.

Her new slave is one that doesn't think she is can handle his brute strength. She catches her slave by surprise when he is bragging about his ability to take her down if he wanted. She called him into the living room after she put down the wrestling mat. After wrestling him and pinning him, she puts him in choke holds. She was happy to put him to sleep as punishment for his disrespect.

There is nothing that makes her feel more sexy that strangling her slave in a short skirt. She knows that he is a basic male and he will be distracted by the length of her skirt. She is happy to use her strength and beautiful body to choke her slave. When she puts her skirt on, she strangles her slave in different rooms of the house, sometimes surprising him and strangling him unconscious.

When Lady Katherin is brought a new slave to train, she is fresh from a different business meeting. She is happy to meet him and immediately put him on the floor. She starts to choke him with her hands. She then uses her legs and feet to do it. The entire time she is choking him, she tells him what his position is and what she will have from him.

When Lady Saskia gets tired of repeating herself, she is able to put her slave in a more obedient mood. She is happy to put him on the floor and sit on him. She starts to strangle him with her hands but it wasn't good enough. She used her leg to choke him but that wasn't enough. She stood and put her foot into his neck. She is happy to watch him choke and strangle under her weight.

When she wrestles her slave, she loves to do it topless. She wrestles with her slave and she enjoys it. He is much bigger than her and she knows that she will make him tap out. She manages to get behind him and put him in a choke hold. She loves it. She watches him choke, struggle to breathe. When she lets him go, he will happily admit that she is the champion.

When she is ready to play with her slaves, she knows just what she wants to do. She loves to practice her choke holds on her slave. She enjoys watching him turn red while she chokes the breath from his body. She knows that she has to let him breathe at some point so when she changes positions, he better breathe while he can so that she can continue with her games.

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