Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

Lisa does not strangle like other mistresses. Other use their hands but she uses her feet and sometimes a rope to choke her slaves and losers

Lady Dominique loves testing her strength against men. She likes pinning them down and using her strong arms to choke them into submission

Maria hates proud people. This guy boasted of how he could beat anyone. She asked him for a fight and he laughed. But she beat him up and choked him till he begged for mercy

Pink wanted to test her boyfriend's breath control. So she pinned him down and used her bare hands to choke him to see how long he would go without breathing

This mistress has an upcoming fight and she wanted to train for it. She trained with a man and enjoyed beating him up and strangling him. She choked him so bad he begged her for forgiveness

Lisa hates losers. She has made it her mission to toughen them up. She tried doing that to this loser by strangling him with her bare hands and sitting on his neck

Cynthia and Lea are unforgiving mistresses. These guys turned down job offers for them and they never forgave them. They tracked them down and strangled them with their high heels

Eleonore wants to be the best choking mistress. She exercised with different slaves and sleeper held them and choked them with whips

Eleonore was paid by her friend to punish her slave. She agreed and took her sweet time choking and strangling the slave using her strong arms

Michelle was mad at her slave and she wanted to teach him a lesson. She taught him in style by choking him and making him beg for forgiveness

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