Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

Brazilian babe Giselle has a smoldering hot choking session with this slave and you can tell that she loves it. She uses her hands, ass and pussy to choke him and smother him. She sits on him with her full weight and pushes her crotch down on his throat. She uses several ways to cut off his breath and sits on top of him so he can't move or get away.

This slave might be getting strangled but he is still the luckiest guy around because he is being strangled by the sexy blonde porn star Aileen Taylor. She doesn't just strangle him. She sits on top of him and her sexy ass spreads across his hands. She strangles him and smothers him cutting off his air, but she also smothers him with her luscious boobs pushing them into his face.

There is no way possible that beautiful brunette Zoe could be any more adorable with her plaid skirt and sexy revealing top. This slave gladly lies there taking her abuse she subjects him to facesitting using her full weight. She chokes and smothers him with her feet and pussy and sits on his neck choking him while her tits come out of her top and her pussy is in his face.

Mariola is a sultry blonde vixen who likes to play cruel games with her slaves. This game is called the breathing game in which she determines when he takes a breath. She doesn't give him much room to breathe at all between sitting on his neck, holding her hand over his mouth and nose and shoving her knee into his throat. This cruel blonde smothers him until he almost passes out.

Cleo Lady Latexxa is a truly beautiful and supple young mistress who dominates her slave by choking and strangling him. This is not your normal strangling. She doesn't bother to use her hands to strangle this loser. She uses her bare feet and only uses her hand to hold his head while she forces her foot down harder on his throat. He fights for breath and she just keeps pushing.

Diana is sitting there looking very sweet and sexy with her blonde hair and short shorts, but she is anything but sweet to this slave. She puts her bare feet in his face then quickly gets excited, sits down on his chest and starts strangling him with her hands. She gets creative with her torture and starts shoving her bare feet in his face and strangling him with her feet.

Aileen Taylor is a sultry blonde porn star who likes to use her sexy ass and feet to dominate her slaves. She sits on this guy's stomach with all her weight and shoves her bare feet in his face making him lick them and starts pushing her feet down to smother him. Then she moves her ass up to his face and starts facesitting on him and smothering him some more.

Annabell pressed her knee against the slave's throat and made him choke. She made him cry and beg her for mercy as she strangled him and humiliated him.

Lisa does not strangle like other mistresses. Other use their hands but she uses her feet and sometimes a rope to choke her slaves and losers

Lady Dominique loves testing her strength against men. She likes pinning them down and using her strong arms to choke them into submission

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