Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

Janine and Elaina discovered strangling fetish and they were dying to try it. They got a slave and tried it on him and it awesome!

Michelle likes to inflict pain on guys. She had a craving for it and invited this loser to her house and trampled him, choked him and strangled him cruelly

Eleonore likes the sound of a man crying. And that is what led her to strangle and choke this loser. He cried like a bitch and she loved it!

When you mess with Amber, you better be prepared for what will come next. Usually, she will sleeper hold and choke you till you beg for forgiveness

Mariola is a jealous girlfriend. When her boyfriend flirted with another girl, she choked him and strangled him till he promised never to do it again

Jennifer loves to humiliate guys. They think they are strong but she likes to prove she's stronger. She especially likes to sleeper hold them and headlock them into submission

Janine and Eleina wanted to test their slave's breath control. So they strangled him and choked him till he screamed like a bitch

Strangling guys is Amber's favorite thing to do when they piss her off. This guy did and he lived to regret it

Mistress Lisa takes her strangling fetish to a new level. She dominates this slave and pins him to the floor by sitting on his chest with her full weight. She takes a rope and wraps it around his neck. She verbally humiliates him and starts pulling on the rope. He starts to choke and she starts pulling harder on the rope. She's not happy until her slave's face turns blue.

If you were ever wondering the best way to choke a slave, this blonde will show you all you need to know. She gladly punishes this slave for the sake of educating her audience. She gets him in a reverse head lock and looks like she's going to pull his head off. She also gets him in a dangerous sleeper hold and squeezes until his face turns blue and he starts smothering.

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