Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

When Jennifer bound her slave, she did it so she could enjoy her time putting him into different choke holds. She put him on the wrestling mat and started using different choke holds on him. She was able to watch him turn red and struggle without his hands interfering. Jennifer enjoys putting him in her final choke hold because she is going to put him to sleep and laugh at him when he wakes up.

When Mistress Katja decides she is going to choke her slave, she does it in a calm fashion. She puts her slave on a ottoman and sits on his chest. She uses her hand to wrap around his neck and squeeze. When she gets tired of that, she sits her full weight on his chest and neck, forcing him to smell her pussy. She enjoys knowing that he is struggling to breathe and the air he manages to inhale is full of her pussy.

When Jennifer decides to exercise, she is happy to use her slave at the end. She calls him to the mat and decides that she will bind his hands and use him for choking practice. She gets behind him and puts him in a sleeper hold. She enjoys listening to him struggle to breathe. As he turns pink, she puts more pressure on his neck to make him pass out.

When Mistress Maeva finally has an off day from work, she enjoys it. she calls her slave to her and starts to choke him. She puts him on the couch and locks his head between her legs. She is happy to order him to the floor, putting her foot on his neck. Mistress Maeva enjoys putting him into different positions so that she can squeeze the air from his body.

When Michelle K gets a new pair of jeans, she has to make sure they are a good fit. She calls her slave to her and puts him on the floor. She sits on his chest and uses her legs to choke him. She puts her leg across his neck and starts to choke him. She loves watching him turn a bright pink. Her jeans still feel good while she is choking him so she decides they are a good fit.

When Jennifer decides to work out, she does it in a thong and tank top. She enjoys wrestling with her slave and pushing him into impossible to win situations. Before she allows him to rest, she puts him in a sleeper hold. She gets behind him and chokes him. She doesn't care that he is choked unconscious. That is what she wants. She loves watching his body after he has passed out.

Layla and Jane are always together. They just got a new slave and decide they want to play with him. They decide to play together. These babes are happy to trample his stomach and chest. They flog him lightly. These babes are very happy to tie a rope around his neck and take turns choking him. Layla and Jane enjoy new slave and the time they spent playing with each other.

When she calls her slave to her, she strips his shirt off. She wants to practice her sleeper holds. She loves to watch his chest turn red so she prefers his shirt off. She starts with her first choke hold and enjoys the blush that goes across his chest. She changes into a different choke hold and watches him struggle to breathe. When she goes into her last choke hold, she watches until he passes out.

When Mistress Katja decides she wants to play, she buys a rope. She calls her slave to her and orders him to the floor. He sees the rope and struggles. She uses her hands to choke him into submission. As soon as he is subdued, she wraps the rope around his neck, pulling tight. She watches his face turn red and is pleased. She enjoys putting him on the floor and stepping on his neck with her heels and rope.

This female slave is never safe. She is always being choked by her mistress. Her mistress enjoys wrapping her hands around her neck and squeezing. As soon as she starts to loose consciousness, she is released. Her mistress enjoys strangling her during random times of the day. If she is being punished, her mistress will choke her until she passes out. She doesn't like it but she doesn't have a choice either.

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