Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

At first this guy thought he was a lucky guy! He was able to catch the attention of those two hot and sexy girls. But later he had to realize that these girls are cruel devils! They took a rope and smothered him with their hands too. They strangled him so much that he thought this is the end - maybe he was right...? Come and find it out for yourself...!

This slave is a big loser! He always asked me to worship my sexy feet. But I have something else to do than waste my time with someone like this! But today I thought about taking an advantage of his fetish. I took him out in the woods and he had to lay down on the ground. I let him taste my foot - while standing on his throat with my other foot! It's really funny to strangle useless slaves! :D

Steve is a really poor guy! He always meets beautiful women - but all of them wants to hurt him! And goddess Mercedes also wants to punish him! She has no particular reason to do so but that doesn't change anything. She puts her leg on his throat and he has to stand her full weight. His face is changing red and he has only few breath left in his lungs but she continues...

Do you love my sexy throat? I'm sure you do! Here you can watch me stroking my wonderful throat with my hands. I'm wearing black leather gloves while doing so. Do you also want to touch my throat? Do you like to control my breath with your hands...? Or do you prefer to let ME strangle you instead...!? I'm sure that it is the one or the other thing you want...!

Ariel is a very sadistic woman. She seems to be from another word, dark and cruel. And she has a body with lot of power. She has muscular arms and legs and also knows what to do with them! Steve has to take different techniques and it seems that there is no way to survive this session. She applies a sadistic breathtaking reverse headfigure and lot of other things... Poor guy!

Gia Primo looks really hot. But don't be fooled! Her deep blue eyes may look friendly to you but she is a really cruel lady! She exactly knows how to apply a choke and stop you from breathing! She can send you far a nap in an instant! You better try to prevent her from making her angry! You don't believe it...? Then come and see yourself what a cruel beauty she is...!

Lady Svenja played too much with this slave. She doesn't like him anymore! So she just decided to bring it to an end... The slave has lay down on the ground and she sits down on his chest. With her hands she starts smothering him so he cannot breath anymore. But she doesn't want to finish him this easy. She changes position from time to time and plays a little bit with his life...

Jennifer is a sexy girl with a lot of power in her arms! She has trained a lot and now has very muscular arms and legs. But this isn't the only problem for Steve: She also is a little bit crazy! She doesn't take care of his health and treats him the way she likes it. He seems to cry for some help but there is no one who can help him... And no more breath in his lungs too...!

The female cadet has to bring Sergeant Emily the new report. But it took way too long! There is only one thing she can do now: Punish her to teach her a lesson and to prevent her from doing something ever again! With her hot ass and pussy she sits down on the cadet's face. The female cadet can barely breath but instead of standing up she also grabs her throat and further reduces the air in her lungs...

What the hell are you thinking bitch? This is MY AIR! You are not allowed to breath the some air like me! You tell me that you need some air? This isn't my problem! And to prevent you from breathing any more of my exclusive air I will shut your mouth and take a rope to take sure that you can't move anymore! While doing so my girl friend is standing behind the camera and she also laughs about my treating! :D

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