Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

These two beauties have killer sexy feet and they know it. They decide to show this stupid guy who's boss. First they show that they are dominant by ordering him to lay down on the ground. Then they take off their shoes and rub their feet in his face to punish him. After that they step on his neck and trample him as a form of slave training, their powerful legs crushing him.

Mistress Katja is a dominant woman who loves crushing, choking and smashing little punks like this guy under her full weight. With her muscular arms she is ready to dominate this guy until he just can't take any more. Then she knows that she's more powerful than him, so she puts him into a choke hold with her sadistic strength. What a punishing mistress she is! This guy is toast!

Mistress Katja wanted to show off her skills. She was working out while at the same time strangling and choking her slave with the fitness table

Mistress Kitty lied to her slave that they were going for a picnic in the woods but she ended up choking him with her feet. It was his good breath control that saved him

This mistress enjoys choking and humiliating men. She did that to Steve and made him not only surrender, but cry like a baby as well

Daidra likes to inflict pain on others and watch them beg for mercy. She took one of her employees and made him lie down before strangling him with her bare feet

When Amber Deluca decides to play, she does it in comfort. She puts on a bikini and calls her slave to her bear skinned rug. She gets behind her slave and wraps her long muscled legs around him. She starts to choke him with her legs and and arms around his neck. She loves watching him turn red and struggle to move her. She doesn't allow him to move her and puts him to sleep.

When Dixie Comets decides to work out, she uses her legs to the fullest. She calls her slave to her and puts him on the floor. She puts him in a choke hold with her legs. She doesn't care that her ass is in his face. She only wants to use her legs to put him to sleep. She loves feeling him struggle to break her hold and knows when he is finally unconscious.

When Jennifer bound her slave, she did it so she could enjoy her time putting him into different choke holds. She put him on the wrestling mat and started using different choke holds on him. She was able to watch him turn red and struggle without his hands interfering. Jennifer enjoys putting him in her final choke hold because she is going to put him to sleep and laugh at him when he wakes up.

When Mistress Katja decides she is going to choke her slave, she does it in a calm fashion. She puts her slave on a ottoman and sits on his chest. She uses her hand to wrap around his neck and squeeze. When she gets tired of that, she sits her full weight on his chest and neck, forcing him to smell her pussy. She enjoys knowing that he is struggling to breathe and the air he manages to inhale is full of her pussy.

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