Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

Maria is a real cutie! She has long blond hair and a sexy body. But she has a lot of power in her arms and legs too! This is something Steve has to realize too! He thought he could have some fun with her but after some minutes there is only one thought in his head: How do escape!? But there is NO escape! Maria takes care of him with a arm choke and a sleeper hold and he can breath barely only...!

Lili has got another mission: She has to steal a very rare artifact. But then this girl surprises her and she has no other way to deal with her than killing her! She wears a leather cat suit and looks really beautiful. And she enjoys it to abuse the other girl before bringing it to an end... She is so sadistic! And you can call her a real leather domination queen!

This girl is really cruel! She is tired to strangle him only - so she decided to punish him another way. With her full weight she sits down on a exercise bench. The big problem: She puts the exercise bench on his throat before! Now she has full control to increase his pain. Depending on her position on the bench the weight on his throat is also increased or decreased. While he suffers on the ground she has a lot of fun making him suffer!

Mistress Maeva want to go out and have some fun in the park. She orders her slave to follow her. The slave has no other chance - he doesn't like to upset her! But it seems that whatever he does still makes her angry! So she is forced to teach him a lesson. He has to lay down on the dirty ground so she can trample on his chest. After some minutes she puts her feet on his throat and prevents him from breathing!

You need to find out if this bitch cheats you? Then here is the woman you need: Lili! She has some special techniques which help her to find out everything she needs to know. This girls has no chance against her! She starts to use her hands and chokes her. The girls seems to tell her everything - she IS guilty - this bitch! Now there is no other way than to kill her... with a leather rope of course!

This girl is a very dominant one! She doesn't like men - they are all useless! And they only think with their dick! So she has to do something against this problem... A good way to start with is to eliminate as much of them as possible! And this useless piece of shit has to be the first one! She uses her arms and legs to bring him down on the ground. And then she starts to strangle him... Does he has a chance...?

Lili is a special agent. She does the bad jobs. Some people call her "Hitwoman". If you need to take out a person - she is the one for your job! This time she has to take care of Senka. She enters her apartment and puts on some leather gloves. Now there is no risk in eliminating Senka. She moves on to her and uses her leather gloves to strangle her until there is no more breath in her lungs...!

Nikki Fierce is really upset! How can this loser believe that he is able to defeat her in a battle? There is no way he can do such an impossible task! So she decided to show him that she has more power than he can ever believe. She brings him down on the ground and uses her arms to choke him. Like a fury she increases her power so there is no escape for the poor guy...

Katharina likes to choke helpless guys. And she has found another slave to play with! Soon she starts to bring him down and dominates him the way she wants. She has muscular arms and legs and is well suited for the job. With her knees she sits down on his chest and puts her hands on his mouth. But this is not the only position she uses on him - she also puts her feet on his throat and starts to take him the ability to breath...

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