Strangling Clips

Watch slaves being strangled and smothered!

When Lady Malu isn't happy, she knows what she will do to make her slave pay for it. She orders him into the room and to the floor. She straddles his chest and starts to choke him with her hands. She knows that it's not good enough so she presses her leg against his windpipe. When she is done, she sits on the couch and puts her foot against his throat. She stands and keeps her foot on his throat, pinning him.

When she gets her slave, she knows that she has to train him. She is happy to pull him over to her mat. As she wraps her legs around him and starts to put him into different choke holds, she gives him her rules. When he is ready to move on from that hold, he has to agree. When she is finished with her rules, she is happy to put him into the ultimate choke hold and put him to sleep.

When she meets her new slave trainee, she sees that he is afraid. She knows that he will not like what she is going to teach him to take today. She tries to reassure him but he won't calm down. So she starts taking him through different choke holds. She knows that he won't like it but she has a lot of fun putting him through them. She knows what she is doing and proves it when she puts him to sleep.

When Lady Katherin is brought a new slave to train, she is fresh from a different business meeting. She is happy to meet him and immediately put him on the floor. She starts to choke him with her hands. She then uses her legs and feet to do it. The entire time she is choking him, she tells him what his position is and what she will have from him.

When Jennifer decides to wrestle, she does it with classic wrestling moves. She is happy to wrap her legs around her slave's waist. She grabs his neck with her arms and starts to slowly squeeze. She knows that he will start to lose his breath and she can start to put him to sleep. When he starts to turn red, she tightens her hold. She loves hearing him wheeze for air.

When it's time to work out, she calls her slave to the mat. She knows they will work out until she puts him to sleep. She is happy to wrestle him into different positions. She pins him in different positions, pinning him and smothering him. When she is tired of playing and exercising, she is happy to put him in a sleeper hold with her legs. She leaves him unconscious on the floor when she is done.

When Lady Saskia gets tired of repeating herself, she is able to put her slave in a more obedient mood. She is happy to put him on the floor and sit on him. She starts to strangle him with her hands but it wasn't good enough. She used her leg to choke him but that wasn't enough. She stood and put her foot into his neck. She is happy to watch him choke and strangle under her weight.

When Steve goes to a new mistress, he doesn't like submitting to her. Rather than do what she says, he likes to defy her. When she gets tired of him, she is happy to prove that she will dominate him. She invites him onto her wrestling mat. She gets behind him and pin his arms with her legs. She is happy to put him in a choke hold, turning his face red, then purple. As she chokes him, she repeats her rules for the last time.

When Queen Jennifer is ready to play, she wants to do something that isn't easy. She loves to get one of her fittest slaves and wrestle with him. She loves putting on her bikini and wrestling with him. When she finally gets behind him, she loves to put him in different sleeper holds. She loves watching a strong slave grow weak under her strong arms. She loves choking the breath out of him.

When Adriana gets angry with her slave, she brings him back home. She knows that he is scared and he has a reason to be. When she get him home, she binds his hands and she pushes him onto the couch. She starts to yell at him. As she is yelling, she chokes him with her hands. She puts her high heel clad shoe in his neck. As she is calming down, she sits on the back of the sofa and presses her bare foot into his neck, choking him.

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